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Dr Caroline Gonda

Dr Caroline Gonda

Fellow and College Lecturer in English at St Catharine's College


Fellow and College Lecturer in English at St Catharine's College
Lecturer in Faculty of English
College positions: Henry Philpott College Lecturer in English; Secretary to the Governing Body

St Catharine's
Faculty of English

Dr Caroline Gonda has been a Fellow and Director of Studies in English at St Catharine's since 1996. She has also published essays and articles on British eighteenth-century and Romantic literature and culture, on literature and sexuality, and on lesbian feminist criticism and theory. She supervises St Catharine's students for Practical Criticism, Critical Theory, eighteenth-century and Romantic period literature; she also sometimes teaches for the MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies.

Research Interests
Eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century prose fiction; feminism and gender; history of sexuality; sensibility; domestic fiction.  Lesbian literature, theory and criticism

Contributes to teaching and/or supervision for the MPhil in 18th Century and Romantic Studies and to the University's interdisciplinary MPhil in Gender Studies

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