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Q+STEM: Leading the Change

November 18th 2020, 12-1pm


Studies of LGBTQ+ inclusivity, such as the one undertaken here at Cambridge last year, are useful in identifying specific ways in which LGBTQ+ people can be more fully integrated and included into the core work of the university. At the same time, there is an increasing focus on developing new types of research cultures in STEM subjects. Is QSTEM an area where these two questions merge, and what is the role of leaders of departments, labs, faculties or teams in creating more diverse, inclusive and non-traditional research cultures?

Please join us for this discussion about Q+STEM as a site of leadership change and opportunity!

Neil Reavey, Astra Zeneca 
Lenna Cumberbatch, University of St Andrews
Sarah Cawley, Reaction Engines

Professor Sarah Franklin, University of Cambridge

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Queer Migrations

23-27 November 2020


Critical debates in migration and diaspora studies have long ignored issues of sexuality and queerness. The figures of the migrant and the refugee have become normalised as cis-gender and heterosexual through cultural, political and media narratives, as well as in academic discourse. Mainstream references to LGBTQ+ migrants are exceptional and tend towards placing these subjects within a problematic Western-centric narrative of global mobility as ‘the movement from repression to freedom’ (Grewal and Kaplan 2001). The objective of this conference is twofold: firstly, to restore visibility to the queer migrant in cultural, sociological, political, theoretical and methodological debates on globality and migration; and secondly, to challenge the socio-political and racialised narrativization of the queer migrant experience as a journey from the ‘backward’ global South to the ‘progressive’ global North. In so doing, this interdisciplinary conference will itself perform a kind of ‘queering’, rupturing stable, linear and Western conceptions of migration, and rethinking the ways in which queer bodies are perceived, represented and choose to move and travel through space. 

Registration is £5.00. A number of free places are available for people who are unwaged or on low incomes.

Booking required:

Organised by Geoffrey Maguire, Leila Mukhida & Tiffany Page


Queer Times

March 2021


The Queer Times conference is a celebration of research linked to the lgbtQ+​@cam initiative which began in 2018. The conference, featuring the work of more than a dozen Cambridge academics and affiliated researchers will offer an occasion to think not only about the content of our work – our concepts, analytics, semantics and critiques – but also our style of practice. What difference does an lgbtq+ perspective make to the work we do – in our classrooms and our departments, in our disciplines and our faculties, and in our own work as individual writers, artists and creative thinkers?

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