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A Great Recorded History: Queer Cambridge Audio Trail

Created by Dr Diarmuid Hester (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in English) this free, self-guided one-hour audio trail reveals the rich and often radical history of LGBTQ+ Cambridge. Explore the city’s long-forgotten queer spaces and places, guided by the memories of queer people and queer Cambridge writing by the likes of E.M. Forster, Edward Carpenter, and Ali Smith.

Download the audio file here

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For iPhone users: we've found that Safari for iPhone streams the audio trail file instead of downloading it. To minimise the risk of interruptions caused by signal dropout, we suggest that you download the file to your computer then transfer it to your iPhone via iTunes or similar.

Produced by David Bramwell and funded by a University Diversity Fund Award. Supported by lgbtQ+@cam and the Faculty of English.


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