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NEXT EVENT | Radical Change with Raewyn Connell (June 14th)

Raewyn Connell, one of Australia's leading social scientists, is Professor Emerita at the University of Sydney and a life member of the National Tertiary Education Union. She is the author of Southern Theory, Masculinities, and other books. In this talk, Raewyn will invite you to think about the shape and sources of our problems in higher education, local and global; the resources (some unexpected) that we have for dealing with them; and post-colonial, democratic pathways into a different future.

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KEYNOTE | Video of Susan Stryker's keynote at Beyond Binary

Watch the video of Susan Stryker's keynote speech at the Beyond Binary symposium in March 2019. In this keynote address, Susan Stryker tells the story, from her perspective, of how the essay 'My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix' entered the world and what that monstrous assemblage has been doing since it found its way into print.

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LGBTQ+@Cam Director

In 2012 Professor Sarah Franklin received awards from the Wellcome Trust (Senior Investigator), ESRC (Seminar Series) and British Academy (Academy Research project) to establish two new initiatives: The IVF Histories and Cultures Project (with Martin Johnson and Nick Hopwood) and the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc).

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LATEST VIDEO | Queer(y)ing the Curriculum: Dr Diarmuid Hester

Watch the latest in our series which interviews researchers on the way in which we can 'queery' the curriculum. How do we queer the curriculum? And why is it important? This video features Dr Diarmuid Hester, a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in English at the University of Cambridge and a College Research Associate of Emmanuel College.

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Beyond Binary in photos

Take a look at the photos from our Beyond Binary symposium in March.

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Our Work

Check out this tab for information on our ongoing work as a programme. Here you'll find projects and links to event recordings.

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Welcome to our new website!

lgbtQ+@cam is a new programme launched by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2018 to promote research, outreach and network building related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at the University of Cambridge.

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