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Queer Times

April 19th-23rd, 2021: an online conference

This conference celebrates the first three years of lgbtQ+@cam by engaging with a core theme in queer studies, namely the different uses of ‘queering’, or as we might have it, ‘queer(y)ing’, within and outside of the academy. Across the disciplines we will be asking how queer speaks to, from, back and through traditional disciplinary objects, canonical texts, scientific facts, social norms, institutional conventions, and familiar genres. Drawing on the work of artists and activists as well as scholarly sources, we will look at what it means to ‘queer’ texts, films, archives, methods, subjects, materials and objects? What happens to knowledges, understandings, ideas or perceptions when they are queered? What kind of intervention are we making when introduce a queer angle, a queer twist, a queer element, or a queer connection? 

Location and Accessibility

This is likely to be an online virtual event: details will be confirmed nearer the time.

Please get in touch if you have any accessibility requirements or concerns, we are eager to hear from you:

 | 01223 767132

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lgbtQ+@​cam is an initiative launched in 2018 to promote interdisciplinary research, outreach and network building related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at the University of Cambridge.

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