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Advisory Board & Steering Committee

The primary purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist with an international profile and to advise on the basis of experiences with other programmes. Its members are:

  • Nicholas Boston
  • Christine Burns
  • Topher Campbell
  • Ulrika Dahl
  • Jack Halberstam
  • Kevin Jennings
  • Robert Mills
  • Damien Riggs
  • Susan Stryker
  • Shirley Anne Tate

The primary purpose of the Steering Committee is to evaluate the Q+ programme at Cambridge. Its members are:

  • Lucy Brazg
  • Craig Brierley
  • Caroline Gonda
  • Martin Johnson
  • James Laidlaw
  • Miriam Lynn
  • Robert Pralat
  • John David Rhodes
  • Waithera Sebatindira
  • Natasha Tanna
  • Andrew Webber

Welcome to our website

lgbtQ+@cam is an initiative launched by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences in 2018 to promote research, outreach and network building related to queer, trans and sexuality studies at the University of Cambridge.

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